Farming Simulator 25 expected release date

Farming Simulator 25 expected release date

Farming Simulator enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The highly anticipated Farming Simulator 25 is expected to plow its way into the gaming world, potentially aligning with the tradition of previous releases in the fall of 2024. Get ready to immerse yourself in improved graphics, new crops, expanded maps, and an enhanced multiplayer experience.

But we want to hear from you, our dedicated farming community! What features are you most excited about in Farming Simulator 25? Are there specific improvements or additions you’re hoping for? Share your thoughts and expectations in the comments below. Let’s cultivate a lively discussion and build anticipation together!

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74 Responses

  1. Lebron james says:

    I like spogetie and i hope that is in fs25

  2. Deep says:

    Firo isliye

  3. Bella Máté says:

    régi orosz traktorokat rakhatnának bele kérem például belarus kilovec vagy magyar traktor mint rábas steiger

    • Bence says:

      Szerintem a realisztikus sár nagyon hiányzik a játékból
      És a talajviszonyokon is lehetne fejleszteni hogy rendesen elakadjon a traktór eső után.
      Meg kaparhatnának jobban a traktorok
      Pl Ha egy föld közepén egy hatalmas potkocsi elé berakok egy kicsi traktort akor az kaparjon el rendesen.
      Ezeket hiányolom nagyon

  4. motiejus says:

    i realy wont to realistic mud and traktor and no lags and bugs

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love this 😀 ❤

  6. zactrac says:

    That you can hire your friend from another farm to do felled work. And realistisk animals

  7. Elias Ingebrikt Eidsæther says:

    In game passenger script

  8. Damian says:

    Pls more trackroren with truck curtains

  9. Hofi says:

    Mi a helyzet a talajfizikával? A szántás marad ugyan úgy mint a 22ben? Csak egy sima textúra lesz? A gépek is csak kerék nyomot hagynak, nem valami realisztikus. Talajtipustól függően süjjedniük kellene, ja és nem úgy hogy csak a textúrában süjjed el. Jobbá tenné a játékot ha ezen változtatnának.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Please more cars that isn’t pickutrucks
    You can add volvo 740gl and branded cars,trucks🚚

  11. Anonymous says:

    FS25 играть за грузить на телефон

  12. mobilminni says:

    what about starting a family such as finding a wife/husband also having children in the game you couldn’t do that it could be super cool.. what about things like jumping and dressage on the horses you couldn’t make a career where you have to go to competitions with the horse as well, where you then sell them on afterwards at the same time as farming on the side

  13. Marcone says:

    Mi piacerebbe più danni reali, riparazioni, più imprevedibilità, più animali magari vederli crescere meteo che condiziona il raccolto, edifici più esplorabili, aggiunta di lavoro manuale, edifici da riparare, terreno realistico, agricoltori che si vedono al lavoro, insomma denaro che da importanza, decisioni strategiche e meno brand ma più macchinari interattivi

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ci dovrebbe essere imprevedibilità riparazioni più realistiche meteo con condizioni che ricadono sulla cultura edifici da riparare, altri agricoltori per vederli lavorare, più animali.
    Edifici più esplorabili e più lavori manuali, il denaro deve avere molta più importanza per svariate spese.

  15. Jake C says:

    Dedicated online servers.
    Gold mining for console.
    AI that actually know fields that are pre existing.

    Those would enhance the game.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There needs to be realistic engine sound

  17. Anonymous says:

    Крутая игра

  18. Peniu Romica says:

    Pentru fs 25 ar fi bine sa aiba si apa pe parbrizul utilajelor si sa mearga stergatoarele ca in truck simulator. Insa ar fi fost sa aiba acest mod realistic si in fs22 sau sa se creeze un mod cu apa pe parbrizele utilajelor atat cat si in geamurile laterale. In rest este foarte ok fs 22, si asteptam macar in fs 25 acest mod cu apa pe parbriz cand ploua si cand speli utilajul!

  19. Костя says:

    Как скачать эту игру

  20. Zand says:

    Kunnen werken voor de wegen bouw/meer zelf met machine aan de weg kunnen bewerken

  21. Clint says:

    Split screen option would be amazing

  22. Андрей says:

    Крутая игра

  23. King Tutt says:

    It has to be split-screen on Xbox One

  24. Ethan#7414 says:

    U should did lot more us logging mods and trailer including semi trucks and loaders as brands of tigercat and more

  25. Hiee4 says:

    Is it for ps4

  26. Anonymous says:

    Give console pc mods

  27. vanvuurenmias3 says:

    Will it come on mobile

  28. Zach says:

    When is farming simulator 25 combing out

  29. Acle says:

    Dere må ta med v snøfreser

  30. Anonymous says:

    Y’all should know that Giants Software will never see these comments.

  31. Ondra says:

    Moc se těším na fs25 Aš vyjde:)

  32. Anonymous says:

    a base game irish map. and fords for console

  33. Anonymous says:

    Add drag cars on mod hub

  34. Big D says:

    It would be great to get hired hands to drive the crops to the market places like they did years ago , and get the hired hands to be be ai instead of driving into each other all the time

  35. knox says:

    i hope farm sim 2025 will have good mods for concel

  36. Ricky Carlson says:

    Hazards on consul and branded trucks

  37. Carter says:

    Can it have mods in the game and could it be on Xbox series x also is it going to have good grapics

  38. Hello says:

    Can make it that headers can make fires

  39. Za server ag stribro fs22 says:

    Pro multiplayer na velké mapě jména hráčů s čím jedou co mají připojené možná by se hodilo do minimapy viditelné hnojení a manažeři serveru aby mohli vyhodit hráče ze serveru a né jen z farmy pro případné škodiče

  40. Anonymous says:

    Nejde mi stiahnutie

  41. Darragh says:

    Will tere be ford tractors in the game

  42. Anonymous says:

    For multiplayer make it where both people can play the map if the other person is not on for instin my friend make the map but when he’s not on and I wanna play I would be able too with out him having too just sit in the game if there at work or something idk if it’s even possible but it would be nice

  43. Ashton redmond says:

    Can you add realistic Ram Chevy and Ford to console?

  44. Anonymous says:

    development of mud and realistic terrain conditions.
    easier assignment of workers, for example if I want to carry crops!

  45. Karel says:

    Maybe the possibility to cultivate at a smaller rate. Like having a self-sufficient farm.

  46. Farming simulator 20 says:


  47. Linus titternes nor says:

    Det hadde vært fint om det gikk an og bare gi Silo alene

  48. Alfie says:

    i was just wondering i’m a car fan. I would like to see a lot of cars to drive like cars , truck you name it. Can you tell me what vehicles there is thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      you’re retarded it’s a farming game pussy go play forza

    • SalsaCat says:

      Hey Alfie. For a more realistic driving experience, I might have to tell you that ETS2 with car mods is the most realistic one. If you do this with a wheelset, it is in fact the most real simulation you can do at home.

  49. Liam Norén says:

    I think it would be good with better ai workers, something that works similarly like courseplay and some older equipment. I think it would also be good with better landscaping tools, for example make it possible to make roads that the ai can see.

  50. Alan says:

    2 player split screen would be good so 2 people in the same place can play it

  51. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait ready to play

  52. Leandro says:

    Quero baixar o FS 25

  53. River says:

    It need dynamic dirt such as mud when it rains manual attachment as a setting that can be turned on and off better and smarter ai more crops realistic crop textures tools with multiple sections need to have different unfolding and folding controls

  54. Petr Hrnčíř says:

    Kdy vyjde Farming simulátor 25?

    • Lane Fulkerson says:

      FS 25 needs to be more precision with touch screen monitors in tractors like the precision farming DLC in FS 22 and I’m addicted to the that dlc because not only that I live on a 100+ acre cattle farm and harvesting corn and beans that mod helps more than anything in the game

  55. William says:

    Cant wait

  56. Laurentiiu Bozian says:

    data lansarii

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