Farming Simulator 25 – First Gameplay

First Gameplay of Farming Simulator 2

Giants have showed first gameplay footage from Farming Simulator 25. Head of Marketing & PR Martin Rabl, Community Coordinator Kermit Ball and Gameplay Programmer & Lead Integrator Stefan Maurus took us through a selection of new features and improvements. But not everything – there will be more to come!

In the trailer we saw rice farming this is a new feature of the upcoming asian map.

The first gameplay of “Farming Simulator 25” at the FarmCon Pre-Show highlights several new graphical and gameplay enhancements:

Enhanced Fog Graphics: The introduction of realistic fog effects adds depth and atmosphere to the game, making the environment more immersive.
Greenhouse Pallets: A new feature allows players to manage greenhouses with the use of pallets, streamlining the logistics of crop production.
Reflections: The game showcases improved reflections, particularly noticeable in sunlight and machinery. Sunlight reflects more realistically off surfaces, enhancing the visual realism of the environment and the equipment used.
Tree Details: Trees in the game now feature greater detail, with more intricate textures and realistic foliage. This improvement adds to the overall natural look of the game and enhances the visual experience when working in wooded areas.
New Machinery and Equipment: Players have access to advanced farming machinery and vehicles, offering more options and better efficiency.
Advanced Gameplay Mechanics: Updated mechanics provide a more realistic farming experience, including refined soil mechanics, weather effects, and crop growth cycles.
Expanded Crop Varieties: A wider range of crops and new farming activities allow for more diverse and complex farming strategies.
Enhanced Multiplayer Features: Improved multiplayer functionalities enhance cooperative gameplay, making it easier for players to farm together.
Possible GPS Feature: There are indications of a GPS feature, potentially aiding in precise farming operations and field management.

These updates collectively enhance the realism, depth, and enjoyment of the farming simulation experience in Farming Simulator 25.

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