Farming Simulator 25 – New AI workers & first look at GPS

Farming Simulator 25 - New AI workers & first look at GPS

GIANTS Software has shown off the new enhanced AI workers for Farming Simulator 25 and shown off the new GPS feature for the game!

These additions promise to elevate the realism and efficiency of farm management in the game.

Enhanced AI Workers: The new AI system in Farming Simulator 25 is designed to be more intuitive and capable than ever before. AI workers can now perform a wider variety of tasks with greater precision and efficiency. They can handle complex operations like crop rotation planning, advanced plowing techniques, and resource management. The AI workers are also capable of learning from player actions, adapting their strategies to mirror the most efficient practices. This means less micromanagement for the player and more time to focus on expanding and optimizing their farm.

GPS Feature: The inclusion of a GPS feature is a game-changer for players who value precision in their farming operations. This tool allows for the exact placement of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, ensuring optimal field coverage and reducing waste. The GPS system also integrates seamlessly with the enhanced AI, allowing for perfectly straight lines and accurate field boundaries, which are crucial for large-scale farming operations. With the GPS feature, players can create predefined paths for their machinery, reducing overlap and improving overall efficiency.

Together, these features make Farming Simulator 25 a more immersive and realistic farming experience. Players can now enjoy the benefits of modern agricultural technology, bringing their virtual farms closer to the precision and efficiency of real-world farming operations. Whether you’re a seasoned virtual farmer or new to the series, these enhancements will provide a more streamlined and satisfying gameplay experience.

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